Prepare the Child for the Path…Not the Path for the Child

Hi and welcome to my web site. We are a home educating family located just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. For those starting out, I just want to quickly assure you that home education is not difficult. It is something that can fit naturally into your day or evening. Home based learning does not need to be overwhelming, highly structured, rigid or expensive. Home education is a choice that should fit your life style. Take the time to read some good books on home education , join a support group , subscribe to a Canadian homelearning publication such asHomeLearning Canada or Homeschooling Horizons , surf the web as it holds a wealth of information, join a home education support email list for instant answers and support.  On a personal note, I hope you will find my site helpful, interesting and informative in your desire to home educate your children.

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If your looking for some interesting articles on home education then visit my newest page where I have grouped together some of the many articles I have saved over the years.  They are informative and reassuring.  They are mainly from newspapers and magazines and are not biased for or against home education, though some will definitely be from home education publications.  The page is lengthy so grab a coffee and enjoy!

Why Home Education?

home education

Good question, often asked, one you will answer often if you do decide to home educate. I have written down my thoughts on why I chose home education and every six months or so I add to my journal entry so that others can see how we are doing and what hurdles we have faced.

A Day in the Life..

So.what is everyone really doing? Do you feel like the only one not going on

a field trip today? You didn’t feel up to building an exploding volcano?

Check out what these home learners have shared during an average

“Day in the Life”

Our Daily Schedule
This reflects our Charlotte Mason/Waldorf/unschooling approach

Home Education and Learning Disabilities

If you are interested in information on learning disabilities and home education then check out the links and information that I have provided. Many of the links challenge your thinking on labels and medications and how to approach these challenges in a positive fashion. They will help you embrace the uniqueness of your child and hopefully help support you in your day to day challenges.

So How Much Is It To Home Educate?

Many new home learners think that it is going to cost them a lot of money to get started. Well, it doesn’t have to! In fact, you really only need a minimal investment depending on the ages of your child or children. A good friend to home learners is the public library (where you can now renew your books online), the internet, used book stores, yard sales, plus the only Canadian used curriculum site We Love Books where I have purchased many great deals. Don’t forget to join Scholastic Books (scroll down the page) as this is an excellent way to collect books and save money! Every home learners should take the time to join and receive their catalogues.

Locally in your own town or city you should really take advantage of used book stores. Take in your lists and get to know the owners…they are a wonderful resource for finding books that you may not find online at places like Chapters or in your local bookstore.

You will hear over and over again that the longer you home educate the cheaper it gets because your confidence grows and your need for purchased curriculum diminishes to the point that you are only buying what you really want or need and or you make yourself. Much of a child’s education can come from good books , the outdoors, museums, field trips , visits to the beach, the internet, conversation, music, life in general, etc..

Science can be studied outside at various locations such as your backyard, the beach, a pond, a park, a nature trail , through nature journals or inside your kitchen or in our case the bathroom where my kids concoct their latest experiments . In addition to a good math program, math can be learned through baking, building with knex or lego or cuisenaire rods, unique web sites , computer games, board games, and story books based on math. Social studies can be real life starting with your own neighborhood and certainly history can be more than a few paragraphs from a text book but instead, you can read some wonderful books on Canadian History versus dry text books or worksheets. Read books on world history and from there expand your studies on to the clothing, foods, transportation, wars, religions, values, etc., of the time you are studying.

Many places online offer free…yes free curriculums for you to download or use as an outline. One example is Ambleside Online which is a Charlotte Mason based curriculum that can be adapted for many other styles such as Waldorf, Fiar, etc.. It gives you free downloads on books, artist & composer studies, nature studies, history studies and a wonderful email support list . Any great curriculum based around good children’s literature can be done inexpensively and creatively. You can use this site and others to benefit you in that way. There are also many other wonderful inexpensive novel studies such as those offered by Rockcliffe Publishing . If you like Fiar or Come Sit by Me you’ll really enjoy the books chosen by Rockcliffe Publishing and the attention to detail that the author brings to this gentle approach to learning. Important to some of us is that all the book choices are Canadian. She has done her research and found some of the best Canadian fiction…though I can’t say that I love the younger choices for little kids. Another new Canadian source uses Aesop Fables to teach Christian values to your children . I read Aesop Fables to my children every day and for those who need some extra ideas this is an excellent resource.

So…discard the thought that you have to have hundreds of dollars per child! The links above should indicate to you the wonderful resources available to home learners without a heavy price tag! That’s it…you don’t need a second mortgage to home educate and it sure doesn’t have to be boring or schoolish!! Save your money for good books or museum memberships or really good art supplies and remember to have fun!

One of my favourite online book stores is I have provided a link below in case you decide to take a peek and maybe buy something. Yes, someday I hope to receive a commission cheque which will compensate me in a very small way for the monthly fee I pay to maintain this site. However, if you prefer to buy local then use Chapters as your search tool to find your books and order locally such as this great bookstore Benjamin Books ! Another wonderful resouce for books is Hampstead House Books …great prices, great shipping rates!